Life has been interesting since I moved the site and posted last.

I’ve grown both professionally and personally, expanded my family, purchased a home and started a business. That none of the preceding have been painless, the joy of discovering what I’m made of and who I have become has been enlightening.

With those changes, the original intent of this site as a blog covering the lessons I’ve learned financially and attempting to commiserate with and even possibly teach and learn from each other has become…outdated.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing my business, reorganizing and refreshing the site primarily as a business portal and secondarily serving some of the same purposes as the original concept, but also including my trials, tribulations, and lessons as a small business owner. Lessons that I hope others can benefit from.

What you’ll see over the coming weeks is a complete redesign of the site, pushing the business forward and the blogging a bit further back, still keeping much the same focus bur emphasizing the creative aspects of the birth and evolution of my business as it grows.

They’ll still be a focus on personal finance but in the context of ownership. I’ll be discovering how to run and own my business and my life, creating income that is stable and sustainable and empowering others with tales of both my successes and mistakes.

I’m so very excited to begin this new journey with you. I can’t wait to see what we can discover together.