Welcome Back!


So as I migrated away from my old job and my past life into a new one and a newer life, I’d migrated away from the site. I’d built this site and lovingly created the content over a year of tumultuous changes and great upsets, over a year of massive growth and some crushing debts, over a year of change.

Now its been seven months of more change, a new Job, a new relationship, more debt and more freedom. A move an hour away from the medium-sized city where I was to a small post-industrial/rural area, a move that changed my perspective about a great many things and re-solidified some others.

I think its time for a refresh, a rebirth of sorts, a reawakening.

I’ve pared down to a single URL; a stripped down version of the same theme and a clear focus.

I’ll be trying to restore the posts from the old page, but I can’t guarantee it will happen. Either way, stay tuned. Community Assets is back.

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