About Me

Who Am I?

I’m an anonymous (for now) 50 something guy who has seen enough to know that the way we think about ourselves, finances and business is, at best, flawed, at worst absolutely wrong. I started out, as many people from low-income families do, working retail, for someone else, making them rich.

I’m not a get rich quick guy, not a believer in market capitalism as the cure-all, and not in any way an “expert” at anything other than analyzing my own life and experiences.

I’ve got some “higher learning” under my belt, but I also have an insatiable lust for what I call “knowing.”

My Approach

Knowing, in my vernacular, is the combination of self-education, experience, and self-awareness coupled with the constant reevaluation of my own assumptions. Knowing admits no primacy of any of these ideas alone as a singular way of understanding and traveling the complex world in which we live. Knowing is ever-evolving and never static. Knowing is being in a constant state of flux and never completely sure at any given moment that your observations are correct. Knowing is exhausting, but for me, it is the only way to navigate the world honestly. Anything you find here is a part of the above process.

My Story

Being at least somewhat anonymous I’m not prone to divulge too much about me or my story, but I can tell you this much, my life, my work, my family and my experiences across them are reflected in everything I write. I will never be deceptive about any of the principles I operate under, nor will I give advice or counsel that is misrepresented by any legal experience. Which brings me to…


I am not a lawyer and therefore I do not profess to give legal advice. Although I am beginning the process of business ownership I am not a businessman nor do I profess to give financial or business advice. I am also neither a counselor, parenting expert, relationship expert or any other type of expert that can be implied by anything I say on this site. If you use any of the experiences here to create your own and they do not work, cause you harm or in any way hurt you, you do so knowing full well that I do not intend you to take anything here and apply it blindly. Capisce?